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Tenant bailed without paying

I had a tenant who took off on a moments notice.  We had worked out a payment plan for her monthly rent and she left me without almost half.  Not to mention the utilities she hasn't paid for.  She is now in a new rental unit.  Unfortunately we did not have a written agreement, and she claims she was uniformed of it's stipulations. (Find a replacement tenant or lose your deposit)  She did however disappear over a weekend, and didn't give 30 days notice of her intent to leave.   Is there any chance I can take her to small claims court and get my money back?  And if so what form do I need to fill out to get started?

A tenant bailed owing $3350.00 in the state of New York, what can i do to try to recover monies owed to landlord. They didnt give any notice .Im I intitled to recover any of this money?
Without a contract your pretty much SOL. If utilities are in the tenants name notify utility companyof new address and contact new landlord. If utilities are in your name have each new tenant pay a $200.00 utility deposit.  If they do not pay monthly rent of utilities then turn off utilities until it is paid.  Charge a late fee for everything not paid on time.
I also have a tenant who is in the process of abandoning her apartment even though she signed a lease stating that she would give a 30-day written notice of vacate & refuses to pay her rent for the 30 days. I would like to know if I have to give her an eviction notice for not paying her rent or would I be able to just go to court for abandonment & the rent she still owes. Thanx for the help. Daniel
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