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Went to unpaid-rent property and can anyone tell me if I should consider this abandoned?

in Missouri- I have not been able to get hold of our renter for 2 weeks.  He does not answer his phone or cell and has not paid his rent for the current month.   I cannot contact him and have been by the house several times and left message on the doors and they are still posted on the doors. Today I went into the premises after leaving a 24 hour notice note taped to both doors.  I thought perhaps he was inside dead. (not really,,, but maybe) The house is filthy and empty except for a big screen TV, a cabinet, some old moldy food.  The fridge is empty.  Obviously no one lives there or they sleep on the floor with no clothes or food. I would have no problem considering the place abandoned but the power is on and the water is still on.   Also there is an unlicensed truck in the back full of bags of smelly trash (which is illegal).  and I don't even think he is allowed to have an unlicensed truck there.  This is in Jefferson City MO.   Sooooo..... how do I know ?
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Often times a tenant will leave without notice and leave property behind. The best way for the landlord to handle this is to go through the courts. It is generally up to the judge to determine if a property is in fact abandoned.
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