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Has anyone ever reported a renter Missing?

just wondered.

I had a situation where a tenant who paid ALWAYS on time and I used to see around often. One month she paid rent late and then I noticed I had not seen her. I checked her apartment and everything was there and in order. I called her employer to see if they had seen her and that I was worried about her, without telling them about rental obligations. I found out that she was an illegal immigrant and was sent back to her home country.
I have had residents disappear before, there are many potential reasons. Missouri has an abandonment procedure.  You should look up the statutes and make sure you follow them to the letter.  Send a certified letter to the address, post the unit abandoned and wait the prescribed period of time.  You should also send a letter by regular mail.  The wording must be as it is suggested in the  statutes. If after 10 days they have not responded you can take possession of the property.  D. Ben Edsall Broker - ARM, AEREP Turn-Key Properties LLC
I can't help with illegal immigrants, but a lot of landlords have come to my company to find renters who skipped out on their obligations.
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