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One (of two) Occupants does not want to sign the lease

I have a couple who wants to rent from us. They are unmarried, but engaged to get married. I provided them an initial application off this site to complete. The female wants to sign a lease, but her fiancée doesn’t. She said that she still wants the place and if acceptable to us, she claims she will be solely responsible for the rent and everything on the lease, even though her fiancée wants to live there, but he will not sign on the lease. He hasn’t completed an application either.  I am just trying to cover all the "liability" bases I might later face and I find their situation/request all a little odd. I’m open for feedback here.

You're exactly right in that he doesn't want to be held liable (or he doesn't want his current address as public record). Leases are legally binding documents. He would be free of any action if you decided to persue legally (rent/damage), especially with you fully aware at time of occupancy. I can't see any advantages for the landlord in this agreement. My opinion - "If you ain't written in my lease, you ain't living in my building." Rule of landlord thumb - People with issues become tenants with issues.
Those are all good points, guess I kinda needed to have confirmed that someone else shares the same viewpoints or had gone through the experience and learned better from doing so. Thanks for the pointers.
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