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Court Day for Eviction

We have court today for one of my evictions.  I'm sure she does not have the money to pay up the rent and propane bills.    She will move out and we will be out $4500.  What legal course would be next in order to recover any of our rents due after she moves out.   I know she does not have the money now but eventually she may have money.  What do we need to file to enable us the opportunity to maybe get paid?

Every state is different, but you can garnish there wages, and income tax return, you have to look into it with the courts in your state , I  never had to do it but I HEARD  IT CAN BE A LOT OF HEADACHE. , some one told me just cut your losses if it happends. Check it out , it cannot hurt
It almost seems that the entire reason for having a lease agreement is to forgo all the 'LOT OF HEADACHE' part.  I am in the same situation with a tenant that vacated in the middle of the night leaving a lot of unpaid bills.
You are exactly right but in most states trashy tenants cry and  are heard by the  judges , and get to stay until they find another person to prey on
I don't know  of other states but in New York you can get a money judgement against any tenant that owes you money or past rent.  Start the eviction process to the logical conclusion either the tenant is asked to move out of the property or pay the amount he or she owes you. In most cases from my personal experiences they always choose to move out instead of paying ,and this is where I love most after they move out of your property you can then go back to the court and ask for money judgement for the amount owed. But make sure you don't enter into any stipulation that makes you loose you right to sue for money judgement if he or she moves out voluntarily before a set date.
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