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Breaking Lease

I have a difficult new tenant that has had the key for a week and did not move in yet. They have complained about minor repairs and a leak in bathroom which I am getting repaired immediately but they threaten to hold rent for one month tills repairs are made. I want to terminate lease and want to know if I can hold part of security deposit for loss of rent and cost to repost home for sale or rent. I refused offer from a buyer because I was already locked into a lease that they signed 3 months ago. Can I hold part of security deposit?

I am wondering about the laws in South dakota? Can I do the same ?
Generally landlords keep security deposits if the tenants break the lease. To know more about laws in your area, consult real estate agents in your area. Recently I shifted into my new apartment through Kingsbury Homes. I have signed a one-year lease agreement. The lease terms was different in Salado, TX.
You should find a new tenant as soon as possible.  You are responsible to mitigate your damages.  Then you can sue them for any damage, cost to find a new tenant(advertising, realtor fees), and lost rent. that their deposit does not cover. Bill them first and if they don't pay then sue.
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