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unhabitable premises without renters insurance

Renters didnt get renters insurance and now place is unhabitable. How helpful should I be?

How bad is it? Does it look like it will be easily fixed?  Was it their fault that it is unhabitable? If not, landlord is responsible to make the place fit again.
It's taking a month due to claim adjusters and contractors. major water damage from broken toilet supply line in condo. Multiple units affected. Renters did not have insurance and im trying to help with their expenses (hotel and damages). Cause of break not determined.
Technically, a landlord usually is not responsible. Although I think it is admirable of you. But how long will this go on?  It can be an expensive venture. Are they paying rent still? Perhaps you would be better off releasing them from their rental obligations so they can seek other quarters.
Consider including insurance that will cover your rent if the property becomes unhabitable due to emergencies. I rec'd 2 months rent during rehab after a tenant did $18,000 in damages....yes, $18,000.
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