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Sub-leasing w/o permission and no 30 day notice

I have house in NC and tenants called me on 23 of Sept to tell me they  would be leaving at end of August  a 7 day notice) They had hard luck story and had been good tenants (so I thought).  They told me to keep the$600 deposit.  Next day a guy who had been sub-leaseing from them since March (unknown to me and against contract) and he had paid $460 month.  He wanted to continue to rent from me.  My renters had gone so far as to put up actual solid wall separating 3 rooms and I called the renter and told her I was upset about this.  This sub-leaser went with us to our house and the renters were hurridly taking down the wall.  They got really upset and said they were just trying to help out a friend and that the friend did not pay them any rent (I have copies of all receipts).  Days later my renter emailed me wanting her full deposit back stating she gave me 30 day notice and seemed to think it would be due her 23rd of Sept.  Can I recoup any rents they were paid.
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A. They gave you 7, not 30, day notice.  B. Damages, including removal of the "wall" labor, may be removed from the deposit (Un-authorized mods). C. Get rid of the squatter. Any deal he/she had was with the tenants, not you.
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