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Broken shower door

Upon move in my tenant claims the shower door is broken.  Fact, I cleaned the shower and was the last person in the bathroom and the door was fine.  We went over immediatly to see what he was talking about and the top part is warped and the door now closes hard.  I told them we would look into getting the door replaced but since it worked fine and there was still a seal when using it I did not see a reason to rush to do this.  Told them to keep using it and if  there was any water leakeage or the door appeared to become more warped with use to let me know.  Since I was the last person using the shower, to clean it, I know it happened when they moved in.  On paper these people appear to be a great tenant but this is a bad way to start with them claiming something was broken when it was not.  Feedback and legal concerns please.

I am thinking if a tenant looks good and is only complaining about a minor repair, I would fix it. It could be that you missed it.. Usually warping is not something that just occurs, it is something that happens over time. This could show that the tenant is being conscientous and therefore may take good care of the property.  On the other hand, it may show a tenant to be a bit of a pain in the butt and a chronic complainer. To avoid this, make sure they complete an inspection report at the beginning. Have them sign it and give them a copy. This way there is no disputing a problem. After that I have my tenants pay for all minor repairs up to and inclluding $100. It avoids the chronic complainer. But I also make sure and include that they must report ALL repairs and if anything gets worst due to negligence, I make my tenant responsible for the full repair.
I think I used the wrong word, warped.  It is if someone has hung "something" heavy on the door and pulled it out of the hinge or socket.  Hinge is the wrong word as well.   It worked now it does not.   The top part of the door is now sprung from where it was sitting incased in something.  It has not sprung completly out of its containment place.  Because it has been pulled partly out it is now warped because its not longer sitting straight in its slot.
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