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Problem Tenants

My question two-fold.  I rented a duplex to a mother and daughter and they are consistenly late on rent and have moved-in another perosn not listed on the lease.  Can I evicte based on this or do I have to give notice? My lease specifically mention the mother and daughter.  Can I increase the rent if they refuse to move?  Also, this girl has a boyfriend hanging around and is causing problems with my other tenants.  He was stupidly drunk the other day and has confronted my other tenants.  Since this girl and her boyfriend has appeared, he has been seen wondering around the my other units and this past Monday one was broken into.  I have got to get these people out before they run off my good tenants.
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Alot depends on what your lease says. If you have a clause that says consistent lateness is a breach, then you can use that. Either way, I would send a warning notice of all the "situations" and warn them that any re-occurence will result in eviction proceedings. Give them a date to "remove" the extras! I wouldn't charge them higher rent - especially if you want these people out. If they do not comply, sed them proper notice to evict according to your states regs.
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