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Tenant Questions

Need to ask a few questions, if anyone willing to assist me?  1. Tenant signed a lease back in October 2008 and moved February 2009, claiming had to move for job/economical issues. She gave me 30 day notice. Tenant was single person, had two bedroom apartment and boyfriend moved in around December there as verbally authorized occupant.   Tenant asked for me for a copy of her lease so check early term clause, I didn't send it because I already gave it to her when she moved in and sent her a letter notifying her that I already gave . She ended up moving early and not paying February, told me to keep her security.   2. In January her boyfriend paid the rent and it bounced...and I got her replacement on January 21. I charged her the returned check fee PLUS 50.00 per day from January 3 (grace period) which I have in my leases.  Can I do this for my tenants as it's now being questioned.  This means I was charging her 1000.00 for late fee for January + her January rent = 200000
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New Hampshire law says this:     540:8 Time of. – Such demand may be made when the rent is due or while it is in arrears, but the lessor shall not demand a greater sum than the whole rent in arrears when demand is made.   Judges tend to rule against exorbitant late and penalty fees even when it is in a lease.
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