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Girlfriend Not On Lease

One of my tenants has a girlfriend that has been sleeping over every night and has been frequently there when the tenant is not.  Today, a stranger pulled into the driveway and delivered a box with her name on it.  I like both the tenant and the girfriend but need to know what potential liability and insurance problems I create for myself since she is not on the lease.  Also, the added person is costing me more money for heat, hot water, etc.  The lease itself says the right things and is a clear violation.  I have other tenants and don't want to set a precedent.  I don't really care, but just want to be protected and compensated.  Thoughts?
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I would send a letter to the tenant on the lease stating that it has come to your attention that an unauthorized person is residing in the leased premises. You can either ask that they remove ths person OR have them add the person to the lease. At that time, you can negotiate asking for additional rent. There is one downfall with this.....if the girlfriend is added and there is a break-up and it is not a good one, as a landlord you can be put right smack in the middle. But if the situation stays as it is, and there is problems with the girlfriend - it becomes a situation for the police authorities. Of course, then you have a nuisance problem, and will have to deal with that. I have done both and have better luck NOT adding the boyfriend. One person is not gone to increase the amount of expenditures. Good luck!
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