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Landlord Wants To Break Lease

I have been living in this house for the last 14 months. I have only been two days late on my rent one time in all of that time and otherwise always pay on time. The landlords are having financial difficulties, one of them lost their job so they are wanting to take over possession of the house and let the house go that they're currently living in. We just signed a new one year lease in August and he shows up yesterday saying we have 30 days to vacate.. What recourse do I have? Is this even legal? There is nothing in the lease that covers this.
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It all depends on the lease. If you are on a verbal or month to month lease, then if your state mandate is a thirty day notice, then your landlord is within his rights. However, if you are on a fixed term written lease with a defined ending date, then the landlord may not be in his right.
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