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Most successful advertising?

Just posted a 10-day newspaper ad and have gotten very few responses, none of them worthwhile.  I used to also use free listing services but they don't seem to be available anymore.  Does anyone use realtors or any free listing services?  This is a single-family house in NJ. Thanks!

try and adding pictures will help greatly
thank you
I agree with the previous post... we have had a lot of success with both Postlets and Craigs List.  In addition check with local investment clubs as well as there are sometimes individuals who seek out tenants for you at reasonable rates.  Something like ½ the months rent... but they can be worth it as generally their able to find someone within a couple of weeks and will show the property for you and do all the pre-screening and even sometimes credit/background checks.  Get the word out that you need help is the best way to start.  And you can't beat free even if it appears to not work at first.
You can list with a realtor for free, tenant will pay rent.   Craigslist Tips:  Make sure to add 4 pictures Have a template that includes all the information about the unit for ex. Bedrooms, Baths, Parking, Laundry, Utilities included and excluded, if pets are allowed (specify), what floor the unit is on, what kind of building is it in, what is needed to move in, tell them if you charge an application fee, tell them you will be doing a credit check, landlord tenant court history check, criminal background check, employment verification, previous address verification, and you will call their references.  Make sure to add at the top of the advertisement that they must read the whole ad before calling you.  Add keywords: I make sure to put in close to NYC Transportation if it is, any universities, or major companies like Merk, Comcast, etc. Add about 10 surrounding towns, this way if someone types them in your ad will still come up. Post on Friday
I got a lot of response with and did a free listing with them.
Scroll down to read .....Hiring Property Manager  2/25
I use and  Both sites are AWESOME, can post html codes on and I get great responses.
Found this posting to be helpful with one of my current situation. Thank you for posting.
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