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Install second meter?

I own an older house which has been adapted for 2 separate dwellings, down and upstairs flats. Electric and gas meters have been separated to be billed separately, but there is only one water meter. I want to have the tenants be responsible for all utilities. Is there any fair way to do this other than adding a general water fee to the cost of rent for each dwelling? What do I do if there is overage? There is no way of figuring out if either the upstairs or downstairs is responsible for any overage. What do you suggest I do?
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This is a tough situation. Beings there is no way to tell if someone is using more water than another. I mean you could try to have them split it according to square foot of their units,, I have seen that done. Or figure out how many people there are - split it and the multiple it times the occuapnts of that unit. If you get overages, I would do an inspection of the plumbing in both units and see if any leaks go unreported. I would definitelly include a clause in the lease that "If tenant does not report any leask, repairs or malfunction with any of the plumbing system and as a result the water bill increases; tenant shall be responsbile for any oever-age.
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