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Previous Owner had no Lease. What to do??

I am purchasing a duplex. There is a tenant in one of the apartments who refuses to leave. The previous owner sent out two certified notices and verbally told them the property was being sold. The pervious owner did not have a lease. What can i do to get them out? I wouldnt have mind them staying but they have said on many occasions they will burn down the duplex if they have to move out. Please help!!

Have you "closed" on the duplex yet?
I purchase 2 house from an older man. He had has the same tenant is there over 5 years with no leases or deposit. I have own it for 3 months and they have paid on time every month. Should I make them sign a lease or leave it all alone since everything is going good.
I suggest you have all tenants fill-out an application and have them sign a lease, either month-to-month or 12 months or whatever works for you. You should also collect a security deposit. Since they have been there for sometime and are paying on time, consider working a payment plan on the sec.dep. Use the application as a guide to see how much they can afford. Keep in mind that they may bulk, so be gentle and reasonable in working something out. You should sit down with them and explain why you need to do the above. Let me know what you decide and the outcome of your meeting if you have one. Good Luck.
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