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Tenants breaking lease / late rent / dog

My tenants were short on their rent last month, so we assessed a late fee, as outlined in their lease, which they paid a portion of.  They then announced that they had a dog and what did we need to do, so we told them about the pet addendum and deposit, as outlined in their lease.  This is after they had already asked us two weeks ago to drop their rent and remove some of their furnishings, to qualify for the lower rent, which we couldn't do.  Then two days ago they emailed to state that their work permits were not renewed and that they are leaving January 15th.    I believe that they are planning to move elsewhere as they signed a year lease with us and don't seem to be able to afford it any more, but they have only given us two weeks notice on breaking a year-lease that they only signed in September.  What are the laws covering this in New Mexico?  Can we request more money, or shall we just plan to keep their security deposit?  Thank you.
1 Comment's a site that should answer your questions. Feel free to ask specific questions.
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