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Tenant Pest Control Problem

Well One on my tenant is causing roach problem..  I have done several pest control service for him.  His place was filthy when i went into give him pest control service.  Old foods laying around in the room and it was just filtly, literally he was living in the trash can.  I'm worried that roach will spread to whole building.  I had profession pest service control to come in and take care of the building so its clean but only his place is still having problem..  Roach problem will not end if he doesn't clean up his old foods and etc...  What can i do in this case?
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Check with your Local board of Health , what does your lease say about living i in trash , It has to be a safety issue or health issue . What does you tennacy  contract say , what about a 30 day notice without caue ?It has to be a violation
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