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Terminating lease agreement

I leased a home to a young couple.  They both signed a Rental Application,  but they did not fill it out completely.  I left both copies of the Lease agreement for them to read and sign.   They never returned my copy of the Lease Agreement. I don't have a contract with their signature, but they have a contract with my signature. They have other occupants living at the house.  The people who applied are never there .  We leave messages with the "strangers" for the couple to contact us, because the phone numbers provided are not valid, but they do not call back.  After one month they have not switch the utilities over to their name.  They gave us $300. 00 dlls for electricity and water for the first month.  How can I get rid of them? Is the contract valid? Can I turn utilities off? The contract states they are responsible for utilities.  Can I send them a 10 day Notice to Cure or Vacate for Non- Compliance  of the Lease Agreement?
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Even if the contract is not considered valid which would be up to a judge, tenants have certain obligations. I would give them proper notice of eviction citing the items that they are in violation of. That may even be enough to scare them to contact you.
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