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electric bill- broken ancilliary heat

My tenants moved in in November.  The house has electric base board heat throught the house with a basement pellet stove and upstairs propane fireplace.  The pellet stove was not working properly, I have had multiple people out to fix it, they had to order parts and schematics. It took 2 months to fix.  They believe their heat bill is higher due to the nonfunctioning pellet stove... probably true.  I'm I responsible for part of their electric bill?  Does pay some of it set a bad precedent? They are good renters and I would like to keep them, but dont want to be taken advantage of.

Jim do you pay for the pellets , you could pro rate it , I mean how much are you talking money wise, They are good tenants, which are hard to come by, A house usuallyburns a minimum a bag a day of pellets , you should be able to figure a happy median.
I believe they are thinking $500 for the 2 month period.
Jim, what did it cost you , split it in half, 500.00 is being kind of greedy I would say , I do not know what your circumstances are ,
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