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Lawnmower: LIability Disclaimers - WHat do I say?

HI, I am renting my home out and it is imperative to have a riding lawn mower, however, I need to protect myself and mkae sure they take care of the equipment.   How do I communicate this and what disclaimers do I use in the event anyone gets hurt - so I am portected from being sued.  ANyone have thoughts? I need help!

Protecting the equipment is an easy one...simpy put in the lease the specifics regarding the care and mainetenance and use of the lawnmower. You can also include something that only persons over age (XX) will be permitted to use the mower. Make sure that you have the prooper lliability insurance. There is no way to completely safeguard yourself from a law-suit. We live in a litigious society, but minimize your losses by making sure you have proper coverage and you take as many steps as possible to ensure safety.
Who will be allowed to use the equip. ? If Tenant will  not have access, most riding mowers can be disable between each use. If the tenant will have access to and be expected to maintain the lawn with it,  well like Helen from Fl stated, There is no way you can completely safeguard yourself.  Be very specific in the lease and hope you have reasonable tenants.
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