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Occupants not on lease

While our 2 tenants moved into our property, the neighbors informed us that that 2 other individuals told them they were going to live there too (I can only guess they are the tenant's 20- something year old grandsons). I confronted the tenants about this and they swore up and down the neighbors didn't know what they were talking about.  Now, we found out they were lying to us and these two other occupants are living there. Their car sits out in the road every night for at least two months.   They are not on the lease and the lease specifies guests can only visit 7 days at a time without permission.  What do I do? Are there liability issues for me because they are not on the lease? I don't know these people and if they have a criminal record. Why would the tenants lie?
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I would send a letter to your "tenants" and let them know that they either need to have all occupants over 18 complete a rental application in order to be listed on the lease OR that the "extra" occupants not listed on the lease need to vacate. I would not go back and forth with he said, she said. I simply would provide them with written warning. If they do not comply - at that point  you can start eviction proceedings if you want. If it were me and these "occupants" were not causing any problems, I would leave it alone IF the tenants were good tenants otherwise. But if these extra's were nuisances, I would definitely get right on it.
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