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No lease over my roomates

I allowed a couple to move into an extra bedroom upstairs to help out with tha housing bills. They agreed to pay $400.00 a month until they found their own house. They moved in October of  2009 they have only paid $100.00 since prior of moving in. One tenant was in a car accident before moving in and found out she would be getting a settlement we then agreed that she would pay in full when her settlement check was received. I'm very concerned that when she gets her check she will up and move out with out paying any back owed rent. I am now in debt with my bills (gas, electric, water, etc) We never made a lease it was just from month to month but she does recieve mail and I also have pictures with her and her boyfriends belongings. do I still have the right to persure money owed from back rent with out a lease only a verbal contract which i do have witnesses that heard the verbal agreement please let me know what i can do thank you & God bless
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WOW! Verbal agreements can be considered valid contracts in a court of law BUT proving them is tough. Perhaps you caould have this tenant (with the settlement) sign an agreement that she will pay you the amount owed for rent from XXX to XXX upon the receipt of funds from least then you would have her signature and if needed - could use that in court.
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