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Security Deposit in Oregon

What is a reasonable amount for a security deposit for a home, that I will be renting for $625.00 month in Oregon. Also, what is the legal amount I can charge?

There are some new security deposit regulations for the state of Oregon. There is no limit to the maximum amount a landlord may collect for the security deposit but overall an amount equal to one months rent seems to be typical.  New Changes: Effective 1/1/10: A landlord must now supply a receipt for any security deposit paid by the tenant.  A landlord may not charge a pet security deposit for housing a service animal or companion animal required for tenants with disabilities. Before the landlord enters into a new rental agreement with an applicant or accepts any payment from an applicant, the landlord shall provide the applicant with a written list of all deposits, fees and rent that are required by the landlord. The landlord &applicant may agree to amend the written list before entering into the rental agreement. The list may be included in the written rental agreement. The written rental agreement must, at a minimum, include a description of the fees that the landlord may charge.
Thank you so much!
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