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How do I get a credit report on a prospective tenant?

I have a completed application for a prospective tenant.  Now I need to figure out how to get an actual credit report.  Is there a way that I can submit my information as the landlord?  Is there a website address for this?

Try National Tenant Network or SafeRent.
You have to have written permission to protect your self and you might also need a social security number also
I have both the signature and the SSN.  I'm going to give the National Tenant Network a call. Thank you.  :)
A lot of times a credit check scares people with crappy credit away which is a good thing , do not ever give them the keys to your property unless all papers are signed , when that happends they have possession of your property , be careful your giving your investment to someone , like I said before they come in like Mary Poppins and leave like Jack the Ripper , not always but some people go rental to rental and look for violations , watch the movie Pacific Heights , by the time you get them out they have eaten up 4-6 months non paid rent, check there car out see how its kept up it might say a little about up keep, take pictures of your place , have them sign a walk thru,
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