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Co-signer on an apartment lease

If I was the cosigner on an apartment rental lease, am I only responsible for the term of the original lease, if they alow the tentant to stay past the term of the original lease and I do not co-sign again am I still resonsible?

Terri,  That depends on the wording of the original lease.  Many leases have wording that says if a new lease is not executed, then the original lease "rides."  If that was the wording in the original lease, you may have a fight on your hands.  Without any such wording, if the original lease provided a "to" date, then you should be ok.
I also just found out that the apartments have been sold and are now have a new owner and a new name, can the former owners still try to sue me? And my daughter moved out of these apartments approx. 6 years ago.
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