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New to Real Estate Investing - 1 Question

Hi I am new to real estate investing and currently live in the Norristown, PA area.  I have been looking at several single family homes to start my portfolio but havent found anything worth purchasing yet.  Most of the homes I am looking at are small, between 3-5 bedrooms.  My question is, Is a 3,4 or 5 bedroom any easier to rent out than the other?  My assumption would be that it is easier to find tenants for a 3 bedroom than a 5 but that is a guess.  Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks
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Well there are so many varied opinions on this. My personal experience is this: It is easier to rent out 3 bedrooms BUT with that being said a properly priced 4+ bedroom can also be marketed and rented out as well. You can call it a 3 + bedroom with an office/guestroom. OR the big thing now is renting out rooms one by one; you have to check with your zoning office about this. If you are open to it, going the "HUD Voucher" way may also be an option.
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