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eviction without lease on relatives

My husband's mother and her youngest son (40 yrs. old) rent a house from us but they haven't actually paid rent for about 7 years. My husband tells them they need to pay but they don't and he says he can't just put his mother out. The brother is there only because the mother allows it and he doesn't work. She now really needs to be in a nursing home but she won't go because the son won't have a place to go. I need to evict but how? Will the judge see my side after allowing them to stay so long without rent? What do I do first?        Posted by Steve S., MO on Nov 4, 2009 1:53 PM
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WOW, this is a difficult situation, emotionally and legally! I would contact a lawyer. It may be difficult to evict with your mom there as a judge may say that you have set precedent in renting at no rent for 7 years. Once your mom is in a nursing home, you probably have a better chance in evicting her son; your brother. Conact a lawyer who knows family law as well as landlord tenant. Good luck!
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