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Unauthorized additions and alterations

Tenant removed chandelier in Dining room of rental and installed a ceiling fan without prior approval, and she is giving me "attitude", "well I'll put it back when I move out."  She also took a stainless steel microwave that matched all my appliances(same manufacturer) the week she moved into the rental and put it in the house she sold during her divorce.  Unbelieveable!  I want my microwave back!  She stated "I switched it out".  She bought a new one, but it is not what I want in the rental!  I want my original microwave back.  Is this considered theft?  Should I file a police report?   She also went ballistic when I sent her a late notice via certified mail her rent was 6 days late....this one is a real you know what!  Any advice would be appreciated.

Check with your police dept. Also, it's time to consider serving her with a 3-day notice. I use a company to do this. The notice must be prepared properly. cost in CA is approx $30. This does not cover cost if you take them to Small Claims Court.
When someone starts fooling with a ceiling fan which is fooling with electricity they are breaking building codes which a licensed eletrician should have done The house burns down and you got a lawsuit on your hands . You know about it , You better nip it now!!!!!!!!!!!
Donald g, thanks for the info.  I called the tenant and she told me a "master electrician: did the work.  When I demanded a work order....guess what no work order produced, even after I called the electrician she stated did the work..
Jen, what town in Mass are you in, I live in Mass also ,Ihave gone to court in Worcester county ,  It stinks but Mass laws usually you end up in court, do not give them any ammunition like harassment. ,or unlawful entry
Jen I forgot to say when a electrician does work he has to have the owners permission, and usually has to pull a permit for the work. the permit is 25-50 dollars,depending on what town you reside , this permit shows that the wiring was done correctlly , and if the house burns down you are covered by the electricians insurance , if the cause of the fire is the wiring he did
Norfolk county, Medfield, MA.  I always send her professional correspondence, and always give advanced notice and her approval for entry.  Yet, she still continues to violate her lease.  Its sad because the expectations for her being a good renter are gone.  Appreciate the advice from you as I am new to the "rental" market!
Jen in Mass if she is on a lease you have to wait till the lease is over to terminate the lease , if she is on a month to month no reason has to be given but only a judge in Mass can give you legal eviction to terminate the tennancy , but she is causing a building code violation ,which is up to the judge to terminate the tennant
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