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In a Lease with option to purchase who is responsible for house repairs??

I am new to the lease to own thing....I have heard conflicting information as to who is responsible for repairs etc in the home during this type of lease.  Anyone know?  Thanks.

Most states have an implied warranty of habitability which basically means that you must ensure that the main items are in working order. Some states are more strict than others in their requirements. Most state that the landlord MUST provide working smoke detectors, locks, plumbing and electricity and heat. In Washington  the landlord must provide and maintain the rental property, and must obey the rules of the rental agreement. The landlord (or his/her representative) must be accessible to the tenant and must keep the premises up to code; maintain the roof, walls and structural components; keep common areas reasonably clean and safe; provide a reasonable program for control of pests;  provide necessary facilities to supply heat, electricity, and hot and cold water; provide reasonably adequate locks; maintain appliances furnished with the rental unit; and comply with any duties imposed by local laws.
Thanks !!
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