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Man 0f his word ?

Im renting a mobile home and when I moved in the landlord said that he would build a front porch and underpin the home.  Its been almost 2 years. There has not been anything done to the home. All minor repairs to the home I have done myself and paid for myself. I even  found a set of fiberglass steps that I purchased and installed myself. I keep the place up and clean, he even braggs to people about how good I keep the place. Now as of the 1st of 2010 he jumped my rent up 100.00 per month. Is this fare ? Is is fare for me to complain about the things that hasent been done  ? How should I approach this issue ?

John how much are  you paying now before the increase.
Is the landlord being fair? probably not...just as there are less than ethical tenants; the same applies to landlords. BUT is it permitted under Landlord Tenant Texas there is no statute that specifies limits on the amount a landlord may charge or increase the rent. While there are many states that say that an increase should remain reasonable; Texas law does not even specify this. SO, this landlord may increase the rent as he sees fit. NOW, you can always try and take him to court and see what a judge says but unfortunately that is a long shot and probably will cost more money than it is worth. My advice: move and find a more reasonable landlord.
Are you in a position to move?  Often, as a landlord, having a good renter is worth some cash to me, if it bothers you enough to move, put that on the table, that may movtivate him to come through.  But don't keep your mouth shut, have an open conversation, sometimes I forget about small things due to the other HOT issues that arise.  So, if you've done the friendly reminder, and he still blows you off, weigh your options.  Another offer you could make is adding the structure yourself and then get it in writing you'll trade rent for the total cost.
Thanks everyone for the responses. Your opinions are the same as what I have been thinking. I really hate that this will probably leave hard feeling with both of use, but truthfully I know I done my part. I did try and talk to him sum more but he wants to get an attitude about it. I just hope there isnt sumthing thats happened that I dont know about !  My thoughts are that his spouse (wife) has alot to do with the hole issue. Any way thanks everyone ! By the way any one have a house vacant in TX ?
John , you sound like a good person and that will help you with your future endevours  Your ex landlord might be making a mistake.
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