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5 day notice just mailed but returned 'undeliverable'!

I live in PA and own a townhouse in AZ. My renters moved in at the end of August and since then they have been late every month! I made the mistake of doing an employment check but no credit check (I didn't get their SSN). Last month we required a bank check, cashier's check, or money order. Although they FINALLY paid  it was yet again very late.  The wife emailed me at the beginning of January and said the husband is leaving her but she will be able to pay. Again the rent never arrived and we tried unsuccessfully several times to contact her but she never returned calls or emails.  We mailed the 5 day notice to pay rent or quit with delivery confirmation 1/16. I just tracked it and it was returned to the post office undeliverable. What to do now?   I having a friend check on it this weekend to see if it was abandoned. My husband and I can get out there at the end of February and know where she works. Can I go to her work? In the meantime what do I do? Amanda

Again have a process server deliver it to the tenant,  have them pin it to the front door,call her work, and tell her I sent 5 day notice, continue the eviction process.
You may also want to get a good skip tracer involved.
Michelle G ....thank you for informing us that you have a service that may be helpful to LL. I feel it may be benificial to most if you told us what you're offering and how fees are determined. I know you mentioned to others to send you an email requesting information. However, they're are some that are probably hesitant in contacting you directly, but may contact you once they understand what you're offering.
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