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section 8 rent increase

My husband and I are new to being a landlord of our townhouse. Our tenant is section 8. The lease was signed Dec 1st 2009 and at the time of the lease the HOA and mortgage were covered by the rent. Jan 1st 2010 the HOA was raised significantly causing us to barely break even every month. Can we raise the rent to help cover the costs even though it's section 8?We have been told by othe landlords that it can't be raised the first year. Do we need to contact the HA and is there a form we can fill out to request a raise in our rent???
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Brendan & Rachelle,  My tenants are in the DC area; but I am sure it is the same with Section 8 every where; on line you can request for a increase. The increase request should be asked during the date of the tenants anniversary.  You can find out what the tenant's anniversary date through housing.  It is not the date that the tenant moved into your house.
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