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just A friend helping out that where friends

My problem is A friend of mine needed A place to stay do to A FED file on himat his last place, I just wanted to help out suppose friend . so I wrote up A rental agreement for just month to month so they can save up to get there own place they have Never charged them rent the rental agreement was 3.5 to 4 years ago I have never wrote up another scince I have been asking them to leave for two years now and they keep telling me there going to but nothing happens. he has threaton to burn down my place if I try to make them move I am on dissability and my place is just A building thats why I told them this is not A rental but stupid me for writing that rental agreement know there telling Adult Public Assistance that they are renting from I have not ever seen any paper work from the State for them to prove that are renting from me because they know I will not do it again and that was 4 years ago the first one I pay the Utilitys and they do not pay rent. lots of my things have been damaged .
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Roomates can be "tricky". I would first call your local police authorities and ask if this person may be removed by them. In some jurisdictions, especially where no rent has changed hands, a roommate problem is more of a domestic problem. If they tell you it is a court issue, then give this roommate notice and start eviction procedures.
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