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overdue rent

the lady renting my house is not paying her rent and she still owes us from privious mounths. we have tired about a hundred times to reach her but she does not respond to our emails letters or calls. my question is can i send her a five day eviction letter or do i need a lawyer to send her one?

I am not sure if the laws are different in Arizona than they are in Washington.   When my tenant was doing the same thing to me I served him with a 3 day pay or notice.  In Washington you have to attempt to serve it directly to the tenant, you can do this yourself you do not have to have a lawyer.  However you have to go about it a specific way, first you must attempt to serve in person, which means you have to at least knock on the door, if they do not answer then you can post the notice on the door.  You must follow up with a copy of the 3 day notice by mail certified or first class.
In Florida, you must post a 7 day notice to pay or vacate, and then a 3 days notice, then a notice to vacate.
Hello: In Arizona: b) When tenants have fallen behind in their rent payments:  You must notify your tenants, in writing, that they have five calendar days in which to pay their past due rent, or your rental agreement with them will be terminated, and they will be evicted. You can give them the written notice any time the rent is past due.  You must either hand-deliver the five day notice to the tenants, or send it to them by certified or registered mail.  If you send the notice by certified or registered mail, it will be considered received on the date the tenant signs for it, or five days after you mailed it, whichever occurs first. After the 5 days pass, then you can go to your district courthouse and file the necessary court documents for a hearing/eviction suit.
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