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15 Day Notice (Breach) or Eviction Notice?

We have a tenant in PA who has not paid rent for December and now January Rent.  Besides the non payment of rent she has violated her lease in 2 ways.  1.  No written notification/request for occupancy change.  and 2.  Non-payment of Propane Fuel Bills for December. (Propane is paid directly to vendor by Landlord) We send monthly bills to the tenants with their useage and amount owed)  Based on our bulk purchase of Propane we pass the savings onto our tenants. (clearly written in lease)  I'm unclear which notification to give her?  Eviction or 15 Day Notice to Quit Breach of lease.  The15 day only covers the 2 breach of lease areas not the NON-Payment of rent.
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Check with your State if you can start eviction before serving a Notice. If a Notice must be served 1st and there's a Notice for non-payment, serve both. If either Breach has not been satisfied, start eviction to cut your losses. Keep us posted.
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