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Tenant Wants to Move Things in Before Lease

Our tenant wants to move some things out of storage into our townhouse, before the lease begins. What do you recommend? If we allow this, how can we protect ourselves, i.e., what terms should we put in the lease so we are not liable for any loss to their belongings? Any advice would be appreciated.

It may sound innocuous, but beware!  I allowed some tenants a key to start moving in early, then when I went there on the actual day they were moving in, I arrived before them and found a pond where my family room had been, due to a burst pipe right by the back door that they left wide open in freezing weather.  Of course they denied it was them, tried to blame neighborhood kids, etc.  So if they move in early, get them to sign the lease so they're responsible for the property as of that date.
I would  just want you to know once you give them a key the tennancy starts and they have possession of your property
I agree with the other posters.  Start the lease on the date they get the keys and move in.
tenat want to move in before hud does the inspection?
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