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Lease agreement

My current lease will end 02/28/10.  When do I send a renewal out to tenants?

Change in Terms requires 30 days Notice, except for Notice To Terminate Tenancy if they lived there for 1 yr. This requires a 60 Days Notice.  If you don't plan on changing Terms and do nothing, the Agreement, in most cases, automatically becomes a month-to-month. If you plan on increasing the rent, just send tenant a notice of rent increase. If you plan to also extend their lease another 3, 6 or more months, include that in the Notice.
Give them a notice to comply Tell them they are violating the lease and owe you 4 months on the water  Give them 3 days if they dont comply send notice to terminate lease and then eviction notice  Dont give any deposits to them till a walk thru of property is done and deduct water bills and charges for any late payments or lost rents or property damages
It can be okay.  Just make sure ALL tenant's names are on the lease.
I think you also want to make sure that the tenants are joint and severally liable for the rent.   This means you can pursue any or all of them individually for the entire amount owed. It is up to them to work out between themselves how to split the costs.
Tenant rights and responsibilities vary per state so this is something you will def need to verify. A tenant who breaks a lease without good cause will be responsible for the remaining rent due under the lease term. In most states, however, a landlord has a legal duty to use reasonable efforts to try to find a new tenant.
You can ask for the remaining rent due under the lease term. I would suggest you to screen the tenants before renting out your property. I rented my apartment through Tropicana Realty, a real estate company. They screened the tenant and did everything on my behalf.
It's not legal to collect double rent.
I would definitely move forward. Time is money and if they are not interested they are wasting your time and your money. I would politely email them and say that they are running out of time with the property, that you have other interested applicants and can no longer wait for them to get back to you. Give them a time limit to respond or you will move on to looking. good luck.
I think there are certain circumstances for which the lease needs to be notarized. I don't think IN has any requirements on notarizing the agreement.
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