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Looking for Rental Prop. Buyer

I have a home that I am currently looking to sell. The home has tenants that have a signed lease through 2010.  Does anyone know of a way to find landlords that would be interested in purchasing the home as an investment / rental property?  I would like to stay clear of listing with a real estate agent (if possible) mostly to save on the fees.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Network. Let everyone that you know that you're looking for an investor to buy your property; place an ad in the paper; post flyers in public places if they allow you. Having said that....the 1st thing I would consider doing is talking to your tenant(s). Let them know that you plan on selling and that (1) you would like them to stay until you sell the place. (2) That if they keep the place clean, allow the place to be shown and meet ALL the terms of the lease including paying rent on time, you will return their deposit in full and give them $1000.00 (?) for their co-operation within 1 wk after closing. This way you have income coming in should it that several months to sell. Unless you have sold several properties, you may want to reconsider selling on your own. There are to many disclosures and laws that are required from the seller. Also, if you need to sell ASAP, RE Agents are your best bet for selling it quickly and making sure that the process moves along smoothly.
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