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keeping part of deposit for yard damage?

My renter had a family member (uncle) that stayed with him a while.  However, this is in the winter, but they had large trucks, and he kept driving through my yard to get to the street, so no one else had to move vehicles.  Also they kept parking in parts of the grass.  I'm sure I'm going to have large rutts in my yard, but it's winter right now, they will be leaving by March 1st.  I will have no way of seeing the end result due to the snow.  What do I do?  What would be a normal damage amount for something like this?
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The rule of thumb is beyond normal wear and tear....In MN, you have 21 days to return the security deposit in full plus interest or a statement of deductions and the balance, if any. I am not sure if that time will help you in determining the loss. If you get a chance where you can see the front yard with no snow...take pictures. You will see large divets and any ruins. Those, in my opinion would be beyond normall wear and tear.
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