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Pet Agreement

The Tenants neglected to mention any pets when they moved in, they have been in the house for 1 year. I found out they had 1 dog and 2 cats after 10 months, the lease is for 3 years. Can we add a pet agreement to the lease at this point or do we have to wait until the renewal date. How do I find out the fee and deposit for each animal.

First, you know your tenant and your property and need to make the call so it will best benefit you.  That said, if it says in your lease no pets then they have broken the lease by having a pet.  Also I would have wanted to meet the dog and gotten references from prior landlods before allowing them in my home.   In the fee I would determine and include what damages each pet will cause simply by existing in your  home.  Then the deposit is for any damages they might cause.
Thank you Michelle K. Our property was managed by a Property Manager and we were dumbfounded that the lease did not have a Pet  Agreement or any mention of pets.  The Manager have since been released of his duties, not because of the pets but other reasons. I had to go to the property because of repairs and that's when I saw the pets. It appeared the pets are well taken care of but want to be protected in the  future of any damages.  Thanks again, Michelle K
Some insurance companies will not cover some dogs , some male cats spray , I am a animal lover  and had a chocolate lab that chewed the sheet rock in the cellar every time we had a thunderstorm, until we got him seditives , they ruin rugs  and chew , and scratch moldings . I had one apartment that you could not get the smell out , it smelled like a kennel because urine soaked into the sheetrock and it had to be torn out.
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