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Utilities have not been put in tenants name yet...

We rented a house to a tenant with a lease starting February 1st. We let them move in about a week early and asked them to put the utilities in their name at that time. They had not put them in their name by February 1st, and said they would when we called them. It is now a week later and the utilities are still not in their name (and we have been paying them this whole time). What can I do? I have the lease form from this site which states that the gas and electric are the tenant's responsibility, but doesn't state what happens if they don't pay. Any help? Oh, they did pay the first month's rent on February 1st. This is in Colorado.

Hi Katherine,  I learned my lesson by letting the tenant move in without putting the utilities in her name.  She never did; I believe as long as you go to the utilities company with your lease in hand they may let you switch over the names.  Most of the time the tenant owes the utility company from a previous rental.  They probably need to put the bill in someone else's name.  I would offer to take them to the utility company.  When I rent to a tenant; I now go with them to the utility company before they move in. I learned my lesson.  Nita
I read somewhere that you should have them call the utility company as they are signing the lease.  Much easier than going somewhere and then you have it done and know the standing right from the start.
I have 12 homes, A couple of them have the utilities still in my  name. I pay the bills each month and The tenants pay me. this works fine if you have good payers. It also protects you from shut-offs and frozen pipes.
We contacted the utility companies and they offered a solution to this problem.  We were told to send a certified letter to the Tenant(s) stating that they had x amount of days to have utilities put in their name.  If they didn't comply within the specified time, we were to present the document and the certified letter receipt to the utility company and they would notify the Tenant(s) that the utility would be shut-off if they were not contacted to change the name on the account.  Since then I written into the rental agreement that the utilities are to be switched into the Tenant(s) name prior to occupancy.
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