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Tenant has moved out and owes overdue rent-how can I go after him?

My tenant struggled in life and in paying rent. He has overdue rent owedtotaling $5,000. He moved out with his daughter in the end of November with a copy of a written agreement that he would pay it back following a ten month schedule. On his move, he never signed it-left me a forwarding address and a recorded message stating that it was misplaced but that he agreed to the terms of the scheduled payment agreement. I kept a receipt of all of his payments during his 1 year lease term. Two months later after he moved I still haven't seen payment.Where should I go to file a claim in New York and is it worth it? He has a full time job-but clearly has some financial issues.

It is often very difficult but possible to collect back rent. Each state is different in the procedures. The first thing you must obtain in order to collect is a judgement. This means that you must file in court and have a hearing where a judge will determine the validity of the debt.
Thank you Helen, I appreciate your advice.
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