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effect of lease agreement

Pls help me, We (me and my hus.) live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our lease agreement ends on Feb. 28, 2010. Last Dec., one person fr apartment office want to came to look throught our apart. and then let my husband sign papers. (my husband is very very bad in English).Now, we want to move out by the end of Feb., but they dont let us out. I wish to know, that contract I didnt sign yet is effective? (They write down my name on it but I didnt sign)

I would contact your local housing authority or an attorney. It seems to me thought if you both are on the lease than you both needed to sign it for it to be valid.
In addition to what Denise suggested, I would send a Certified Letter/Return Receipt notifying LL that you will not be continuing tenancy effective (end of lease date). You still have time to give a 30 Day Notice, if that's what required. The Notice may help if you go to Court. Keep us posted.
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