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I okay'd our tenant to have a dog, boxer, in our rental.  I have not put this dog on the lease as a pet living there.  What are the problems that I as a LL run into?   What are the tenants liabilities, too.
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Jeff &Linda, this is what I have run into, First of all does your insurance cover dog bites and the dog Boxer . Some dogs insurance companines will not cover , I know pit bull s are one . 2. Dogs chew , woodwork. If they urinate on a sheetrock wall and it will soak in good luck , you can not get the smell out. 3 If a dog urinates on a rug and goes thru the pad, into the floor , if it is wood or cement you house will smell like a kennel . I am a dog lover , be careful, My dog was fine until a thunderstorm and chewed half a wall up sheetrock, and he was a chocolate lab.
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