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Is it illegal to rent out rooms in your own house?

I own my own house, and I would like to rent out the bedrooms I am not using(the house is not divided into separate rental units). I would still be living in the house with the prospective tenants. Can I be fined for this?
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We currently rent out an investment property to Felons.  We did have to seek approval by the DOC.  The stipulation is that this is a protected class and that the home is rented as shared, somewhat like a shelter but with your own set of rules and lease agreement.  We do need to comply wth City Zoning laws/codes so this is where you would really want to start.  Generally in our experience City overrides County statues, County overrides State etc...  The other part of this is the fact the renters are all un-related.  Meaning if it is family/relatives then the zoning generally doesn't apply.  But again for safety sake start with your local zoning authorization department, generally this is the City or County.
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