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Question on damage deposit

I'm new to the renter world.  When there is cleaning to be done, picking up dog poop left, and removing a huge heavy TV that was left behind and disposing of it, I've called and got prices on everything, is it possible to do the work yourself and take off the company pricing to save yourself money and make money in the long run?  I hope I'm wording this correctly.
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What I was told to do is to get some estimates, a few even, so you have documents that the cost was a fair X.  Although, in considering it I think it may just be smarter to higher a company to do the work.  You are really not going to save that much if you factor in what your time is worth.   Last tenant was so eager to sign the lease and move in I only had 4 days to clean, paint and other items to get it ready for them.  As it turned out the bid was $250.00 on the cleaning and then the company didn't show.  I ended up spending 10 hours there.  Really would have rather payed the $250.oo and taken it from the deposit.
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