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requests thoughts from landlord on situation

Same place 16 years as of March 1. I receive section 8. A couple days ago, I learned from THEM the landlord wasn't renewing lease. I thought the landlord is supposed to give notice. I got a new voucher & I have 2 months. Apparently, she and the landlord made an agreement or something. HUD wanted repairs done back in January; perhaps the management didn't want to do repairs? "Did they tell you a reason you're not telling me?" and I was told "It's a privacy matter." and I should ask them. Tonight, speaking to the landlady, I said exactly "Sixteen years and no notice. I was wondering how that happened." She said "What did HUD say?" Me: "They said that they couldn't tell me and go to you." Her: "Well, I think it's their responsibility."  What could my HUD caseworker mean by "privacy"? Why would I be getting the run-around? The place has plenty of cracked walls, leaks, and I found black mold. Sure seems not safe, but why not tell me something.   Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Notice must be given either according to your lease OR via state statute. They cannot tell you to move out in a few must be given sufficient notice.
Hi Brian, In a sense you did receive a notice to move from HUD when they gave you a new Voucher. HUD, after its inspection, determined that the property did not me their standards. LL is usually given 30 days to rectify violations. If not, HUD stops their portion of rent payments. True, you do not have to move until LL serves you with proper notice. However, you will be responsible for the total rent. If you wish to continue your subsidy, you will need to move and find a qualifying unit. If you lose your subsidy, you probably will be place on a waiting list. My thoughts….HUD controls max amount rent allowed. It’s possible that the rent, after 16 yrs, is below other rents in the area and LL want to increase the rent to meet current rents. LL has 2 options…1- give you a notice that the lease will not be renewed or 2- not make repairs thus causing HUD to stop payment and forcing you out unless you want to give up your subsidy and pay full rent.....cont
..... I wouldn’t waist my time wondering why they are acting unprofessional. Instead, think of it as a new adventure that will make your life more fulfilling.
Yes, this was all just so sudden and scary. When I last moved I was 19 and probably owned just clothes and comics. (-:  My lawyer thought it could be many things: Perhaps they want to increase the rent (as was suggested here). Maybe they don't want to do repairs/deal with HUD; that maybe that county inspector would say it's acceptable. I might be the only one on HUD. Maybe I can't be here since they know major repairs must be done to the roof. He said he doesn't see it as something being done to get at me; at the HUD, I was told that nothing was said negative about me.  I've always had problems here, starting back when the former "Hill Brothers" management spent the security deposits of many tenants.  Thanks for listening. I found a place right uptown that's surely in better condition & not built in the 1800's as where I am.  I guess I did take it a bit personally. I was a good HUD tenant and wondered if it was discrimination against my having seizures or something.
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