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Verbal rental agreement

What are my rights as far as getting my security deposit back or using it to pay my last month's rent if i don't have a written lease agreement.  My rental agreement was verbal.  I am a college student and i need some advice.
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The Rent Security Deposit Act states what a landlord must do with your security deposit when you move out, even if you move out before your lease is over. Within 30 days after you move out, the landlord must return your security deposit and interest, less any rent you owe or any charges for repairing damage that you have done to the property. If the landlord deducts any amounts for damages or rent, he or she must give you a complete list of the damages he or she claims you did to the property and the cost of repairs. The landlord must send you the list of damages by registered or certified mail, and the landlord must return to you any money left over from your security deposit
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