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Missed Rent & Tenant Vacated Early Without Notice

Hello,  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do or okay to do in this situation. My tenant has failed to pay this last month's rent and has been difficult to get a hold of. With the month almost over, I went to serve the 7 day notice to quit and found that the tenant has already vacated. What more do I need to do as far as notification to make sure it is understood the lease is terminated and I can re-rent the premises? I just don't want to run into renting it out and having the old tenant show up thinking they still have rights to the premises. What can I do to cover my bases? Thanks!
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In Alaska: When is it abandonment? A landlord may assume the dwelling has been abandoned when the following three elements are met: • the tenant is behind in rent; and • the tenant has left behind his or her personal belongings in the dwelling, but has been gone for more than seven consecutive days; and • the tenant did not notify the landlord that he or she would be gone for more than seven days. When a dwelling has been abandoned, the landlord may enter, clean up, and re-rent it. If the landlord makes a good faith effort to re-rent the unit at fair rental value, the former tenant is obligated for rental payment until the end of the following rental period, the end of the lease period (if the agreement is a lease), or until a new tenant moves in, whichever is sooner. WARNING: check with your landlord tenant statutes for the disposal of any personal belongings left behind. Alaska has specific requirements for this.
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